Spending time with a toddler will either drain you or leave you more energized than ever.

Considering the fact that they are your grandchild and you don’t have to put up with them every day and night, probably it’s the latter.

They are a bundle of joy that has just discovered there’s a whole world out there that needs to be explored.

And that’s their main concern at this stage in life.

Therefore, when you think of the activities you’d like to do together, keep in mind that this is what they desire – to understand what’s going on around them.


What a Toddler Grandchild Enjoys Most

Regardless of the activity you choose to do with them, you’ll have to keep them under permanent supervision. Because they are willing to discover everything they don’t know just yet, they will try to taste everything at hand.


1. Build towers together

Building towers is one of the favorite activities of toddlers and the centerpiece of our childhood. Besides being an enjoyable activity for the child, it is an excellent way for them to develop cognitive and fine motor skills.

Adding an extra block to a tower is not an easy job for a toddler, so encourage him every time he manages to pull it.


2. Solve Simple Puzzles

This may be one of the most common age-appropriate games for toddlers but it never gets old. They can start with the classical chunky wooden or plastic pieces they need to fit in different shapes.

Even if sometimes they get it wrong and place the sphere where they should fit the box, it will be a blast for both of you.

As they age, you can introduce them to three-pieces puzzles and help them put the pieces together.


3. Introduce Them to Play Dough

When you introduce a toddler to play dough, your job there is done (except for supervising them). Most children are so enthusiastic about it, they forget about their favorite toy in an instant.

The best part is that play dough is one of the developmentally appropriate activities that will make the little one learn more about their surroundings.

While playing with the dough, they strengthen the micro-muscles in the fingers. Moreover, you can use it for tasks that work coordination, by asking them to squish the dough with both hands at the same time. Furthermore, thanks to its consistency, you can teach your grandkid new words like “squish” or “squeeze”.

P.S. Don’t worry about it being toxic for your grandchildren – there are many recipes for edible dough online so that you can create it at home.


4. Play with Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is very similar to play dough and comes with great advantages. It is an alternate method for the sensorial development because it has a unique texture and it is also anti-microbial and allergen free.

Simply put, this is the ideal activity for toddlers, as it keeps their hands clean.


5. Dance to the Music

This activity is suitable for the two of you even if your toddler grandchild isn’t confident enough to walk on his own. Turn the music on, hold their hands, and they will feel safe enough to start grooving and bouncing.

Plus, children are naturally attracted to musical sounds – encourage them to dance, as it improves their coordination and it helps them express creatively.


6. Design a Beads Necklace

You don’t need to have all the materials in your home, but large beads are definitely a must. Otherwise, you can improvise – you can use a shoelace for a string, for example. It will help them with their motor skills, as well as maintaining their focus on one thing.


7. Show Them Books with Pictures

Another pleasant way a toddler learns is by listening to your stories. There are many children’s books that teach them the alphabet in pictures – use one and help them retain the most common letters.

Even if their reading levels start developing later on, it will be easier for them if they already recognize the shapes of different letters.


Enjoying Your Time with Your Toddler Grandchild

These age-appropriate activities for toddlers are more than a way to have fun – at this stage in life, they are the primary channel to gain a better understanding of the world and to follow the natural course of development.

Always keep your eyes on the little explorer, but let him do all the discovery!

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