As a grandparent, one of your unnamed roles is to help the parents educate their youngsters.

Compared to the parents, your main advantage is that you have more free time and lots of exciting activities to show to the little ones.

When they are a toddler, there are lots of activities you can do together, mostly inside of your home. But, as they grow up, they become more curious, more willing to learn and more enthusiastic about meeting other people and learning what life is outside their family.

The following activities are suitable for you to share an amazing day with your grandchildren, regardless of their age.

If the next visit is rapidly approaching and you ran out of ideas, read on and be inspired by any of them.


Things to Do with Your Grandchildren


1. Visit the Museums in Town

If you have enough time on your hands to spend with them, give them a tour of the museums in town. Children are eager to learn and discover new things, and museums are the best place for them to do that.

You can pick two or three museums that would interest them most and visit them all in just a day.

Sometimes, kids can’t name precisely what their passions are, simply because they are interested in everything.

To make the choice more comfortable for you, look at their favorite activities – do they like to play with dirt and rocks? Maybe a history-themed museum will fascinate them. Do they enjoy running around or have a favorite winter sport? You can go to a sports museum.

All you have to do is keep an eye on what they enjoy doing most.


2. Go to the Library Together

The local library is one of the best places in which you could spend some quality time with your grandkids. You can arouse their curiosity for printed books and knowledge while reading them a tale or showing them an atlas of the globe.

If they are in middle school, you can take them to the library and help them with their homework, while referring to verified sources.

A written book requires more time and research than an article they can find on the internet, and which may or may not be entirely relevant.

This way, they will learn to discern between verified information and the amount of knowledge available on the internet.


3. Check the Local Fairs

Local Fairs are a big attraction for children, especially the ones in the winter. You can show them around, taste the seasonal goodies and tell them about winter traditions while watching the city from a Ferris wheel.

Fairs and theme parks are also a great place to go in the summer when there are a lot more carousels and attractions for the youngsters.


4. Take Your Grandchildren to a Concert

This type of activity is suitable for grandchildren from toddlers to teenagers. There are many bands singing children songs that your dear ones already know all too well, and it’s up to you to get them see them live.

When you flip the coin, most teenagers have at least one favorite genre and more artists they love. If the two of you share a similar taste in music, buy the tickets and have some fun.

Even if you don’t enjoy the same music as they do, joining together for a concert will make you know them better.


5. Go to the Zoo or the Botanical Garden

Both the Zoo and the Botanical Garden are the best places for them to see some of the world’s variety.

It’s not every day that they get to look at a lion, an elephant or a giraffe, and they most surely will enjoy it.

In the Botanical Garden, you can relax together while learning about some of the oldest species of plants or some amazing flowers.


6. Tour the Local Firehouse or Police Station

Children love adventure, and taking them on tour to one of these two hotspots will bring them all the joy. Check with the officers to see when such a visit is possible, if it’s interactive (e.g. the kids can climb on fire trucks etc.), and whether you’ll have a guide or not.


It’s Not About the Place; It’s About the Time

Regardless of where you choose to take your grandkids out, remember that it’s not about the place you visit: it’s the quality of the time you spend together.

Make sure that while you’re out, the two of you really connect to each other’s needs.

After all, it’s not something you do because you have to, but because you want to build a better relationship with them.

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