Browse any fashion blog and you’ll find a long list of rules for mature women: don’t wear busy patterns, don’t wear clunky jewelry, don’t wear tight jeans.

The list of things you can wear seems a lot shorter – almost nonexistent.

Instead, do what feels right. You want to look great and feel great no matter your age.

Here’s how to flirt with the latest fashion trends without sticking to a rigid set of rules or looking like you’re desperately clinging to an earlier age.


2018 fashion trends

It might be best to avoid some of the 2018 fashion trends. Is this because of your age?

No, it’s because some of them are unflattering and tacky for anyone at any age such as fanny packs or transparent plastic. (Yikes.)

Still, lots of them are totally worthwhile and can make great timeless pieces for your wardrobe:

  • Lavender everything
  • White jackets, tank tops, pants, and suits
  • Dark denim
  • Black and white polka dots
  • Puffed shoulders
  • Square necklines
  • Rainbow
  • Athletic wear
  • Straw hats
  • Fringe
  • Embellished straps


How to rock vintage fashion without looking dated

When it comes to vintage fashion, it’s easy for young folks to pull off otherwise unflattering pieces like large oversized coats or 80’s heels. (Although they may regret these choices later.)

This doesn’t mean you should only stick to modern fashion and avoid vintage trends at all costs. Instead, embrace vintage fashion trends that aren’t too over the top and can work well with the rest of your wardrobe.


Folk prints

This is where the rainbow trend comes in. Look for colorful summer tunics or woven coats. Try pairing colorful tops with solid colored pants in black and white.


Rain coats

Industrial rubber and plastic are making a comeback this spring. You don’t need to go overboard by decking yourself in see-through lime green plastic, but you could try a vintage rubber raincoat in yellow, dark blue, or black.



Not a fan of bulky sweaters? Understandable. Instead, try knitted ponchos with fringe or scarves. These pair well with fitted pants and boots any time of the year.


Colored fur

Remember colored fur? Yes, it’s making a comeback. If donning a bright orange fur coat doesn’t seem quite your style, you have other options. Try pairing a colored vest with a white long sleeve top and black pants or dark denim. No need to go totally overboard.


Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads and office attire are super in right now and show no signs of leaving. Look for fitted coats with broad shoulders or button up shirts with square necklines.


Tips to keep in mind while clothes shopping

As with all fashion trends, you want to look good while expressing yourself. In order to do that, keep a few tips in mind while clothes shopping.


Try on clothes at home

No one likes fitting rooms. What is it with the lighting that makes every piece of clothing look so unflattering?

Instead, buy clothes you like and then try them on at home. (Make sure to double check the store’s return policy first.) You’ll be able to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home and pair them with other pieces before making a commitment.


Buy jeans and pants that fit perfectly

There’s no one right answer here. If pants fit you best at the hips, buy jeans and pants that sit on the hips.

Lots of fashion blogs will tell you that women past a certain age must stop wearing jeans that fit a certain way. Do what makes you comfortable. Showing too much skin, however, is never flattering no matter your age.


Reevaluate your bra size

Women go years buying the same bra size over and over without ever thinking twice. Your body changes year-to-year and your bra should, too.

Don’t guess: go somewhere to get a proper fitting. This helps avoid bra bulge and uncomfortable clothing. Bring some of your favorite tops with you to make sure the bras fit well with the rest of your wardrobe.


Define your waist

No matter what your size is, it’s important to always define your waist. Dresses and coats can make you look boxy and shapeless.

Experiment with high waisted pants and pencil skirts. Try a flowing dress or coat you can tie at the waist. Just remember to avoid tying it into a bow.


Consider a tailor

A tailor knows how to alter clothing in the most flattering way possible. Instead of throwing out old clothes like jeans, suits, and dresses, take them to a tailor for a new fitting.

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