Yahtzee can be played by a group or in solitary. The group version usually consists of a group of players who play the solitary type concurrently. The highest scorer wins the game. The goal of playing Yahtzee with dice is scoring the most points (375), which is achieved by rolling various arrangements of five dices.

However, you might be stuck on where to begin, what the rules are, and how to get maximum scores. You do not need to worry as this article got you covered as it highlights all that you need to know on how to play Yahtzee. You should particularly pay attention to the rules.

What Is Yahtzee?

The game Yahtzee is a very interesting dice game that was created by Milton Bradley, but is currently owned by Hasbro). First introduced in the 1940s, Yahtzee is a game of luck and probability that became very popular as it could be played by multiple players and by oneself. Lowe, the entrepreneur of Yahtzee, commercialized the game in 1956. The game’s close cousins include Yacht, Generala, and Yogi.

It also has a public domain referred to as Yatzy, which is played in Scandinavian nations. However, note that Yatzy and Yahtzee rules are different and you should not mix them. You should also note that the game has traces of Cheerio dice game and Poker Dice.

Set Up of How to Play Yahtzee

The game typically comprises 13 rounds. Each round provides the player with a chance of rolling the dice and letting you score in one category that has been defined in the game. A player qualifies only if they score at least once in each of the categories, which gives you an opportunity to settle for zero in some categories towards the end of the game.

The final score you achieve playing Yahtzee is determined by a dissimilar rule for each category, and the rules are explained below. However, the ultimate score of each player is usually computed by summing up the 13 score boxes.

Rules of How to Play Yahtzee

The scorecard of the game is usually composed of 13 boxes that are divided into two sections: the lower and upper sections.
In the upper section, you should only total the specified die face. In the boxes, if you score a total minimum of 63 points, then you are given 35 bonus points that are summed to the upper section score once the game is over.

On the other hand, in the lower section, a player scores a pre-determined amount that is defined by each category, or 0 if they do not meet the requirements for each category.

In a 3-of-a-kind rule, 3 of the 5 dices should have a similar face. The final score of a payer is computed by summing up all the dice faces. At least 3 of the five dices should show the same face.

In the four-of-a-kind rule, just like in the three-of-a-kind, 4 of the 5 dices should show similar aces. The final score is calculated by summing up all the face values.

A full house rule is a roll where the player has a combination of a 3 of a kind and a pair (where two cards are the same), and the score is 25 points.

yahtzee dice

A small straight is a sequence where the payer rolls four successive die faces, and this fetches you 30 points.

A  large straight is a sequence of 5 consecutive faces, and the final score is 40 points.

Basically, the lower section can be thought of as a poker game. You want to keep certain dice and roll the rest again in an effort to get the best desired hand, whether it's the most number of twos or a straight. 

On the other hand, a Yahtzee is considered a five-of-a-kind where the player’s dice faces are all the same, and this fetches you 50 points. If you roll more than a single Yahtzee in a single game, each of the additional Yahtzee earns you an extra 100 points bonus, given that the player has in store a 5 in the Yahtzee category. In case you have scored nothing in the Yahtzee category, you will be devoid of any bonus. You should note that if a player has a 0 in the Yahtzee category, you cannot receive bonuses. Rather than rob yourself of a potential 50 point Yahtzee and any bonuses, filling a lower scoring box with a 0 is preferential.

In any given game, a player can roll up to 12 Yahtzee bonuses in addition to the first Yahtzee and rolling maximum scores in each of the other categories and can score a maximum of 1,575 points. However, this is a nearly impossible feat for most players, though it's certainly a worthy goal to pursue if you want to become a serious Yahtzee player. Conversely, the minimum number of points that can be scored is 5 points, but that's going to be hard if you've read the rules and understand how to play.

A chance is a catch-all roll, which is a turn that is dissimilar to any of the categories, whence being given this name. In this case, a player can roll anything, and all he does is total all the die values to obtain the final score. If you are lucky, a chance can be your key to having a high score when playing Yahtzee.

Maximum Score

Minimum Score

Probability in How to Play Yahtzeee

How to Play Yahtzee with Dice


Rolling the Yahtzee Dice


Ending Yahtzee


This article provides you with vital information about how to play Yahtzee. While it is a somewhat tricky game to lay, this article provides you with what you need to know if you want to play the game. Knowing the rules and how to play Yahtzee will help you have high scores, which is helpful if you are playing in a group. All you need to know is that you can score any roll in any category even if the resulting score is zero.

An important tip on how to play Yahtzee is that you should not let go of any opportunity where you can get a bonus and concentrate on getting fives and sixes. But above all, just relax and have fun. It's just a game and you won't always have lucky rolls. When you do, you'll know what to do with them to achieve a good score that gives you a chance to win because you read these instructions. We hope that this article provides you with the information to play Yahtzee and how to earn the maximum score.

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