Do you have trouble understanding what is happening with technology? You’re not alone.

Today’s technology evolves so quickly that many people hesitate before sharing their knowledge of technology, knowing it could be out of date as soon as they start learning current trends.

In that case, what can you do to keep up to date with technology?

There are a few easy ways to start using the latest technology with limited resources.

You will shock your grandkids when you start following these simple steps that help you understand today’s technology.


1. Find Someone Who Loves Technology

This first step may be something you are already actively working on.

It sounds simple enough – all you need to do is find someone in your life who may work in tech or who enjoys tech as a hobby.

Once you find someone who can help you begin to understand the current technology landscape, you can start to understand technology language more easily.

Armed with your technology-loving friend, you will have at least a basic understanding of all the exciting technological revolutions happening now.

You may not need to know about all of the new tech tools, though. Learn what you need first, and then you can start enjoying AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) today!


2. Reach Out to Your Local Library

Did you know your local library is probably pretty tech savvy?

Many library cardholders don’t think of their library as a one-stop shop for books, movies, and tech advice. But that might be a mistake. At most libraries, you will find some sort of tech classes, whether they are typing classes for kids or computer classes for seniors.

About a decade ago, all of the classes for seniors focused on learning how to use the internet and how to send emails. Nowadays, they’re more likely to be about the specifics of working with Microsoft tools or, for advanced learners, Adobe tools.

There is always the chance, however, that someone at your local library will be able to teach you about even newer technology these days.


3. Read Popular Tech Magazines or Blogs

Another easy way for you to start using the latest technology involves reading about new ideas. You can find articles about specific technology and resources to access new technology in many magazines and blogs online.

Wired is one great news source that focuses on technologies and how those advances affect culture, the economy, and politics. Another print source reporting on technology is the MIT Technology Review, which writes about new apps, exciting tech advances, and how they work.

And if neither of these publications are for you, simply head to Google and search for some other great sources. They’re out there, just waiting for you to start learning.


4. Take a Class

If you find a certain space in technology interests you more, you can take a class on the subject. There are a lot of professional development or continuing education sources available nowadays, from non-profits to community colleges.

Your local community college likely offers space in classes to community members seeking to further develop their career or even just looking for some personal enrichment. Classes could range from learning how to develop video games, build a website, or use Photoshop, among many other choices. There are also organizations like General Assembly, which teach various professional development courses through workshops, courses, and bootcamps.


5. Play Some Games

One final way you can keep up to date with technology is to get your hands dirty and play some games. This fun way to learn can be by yourself, or you can have your family help you out.

What game you play will depend on what you want to learn, but there are all kinds of games on the internet to help people learn these days.

Do you want to learn about VR? You can get some VR equipment of your choice and invite your friends or family over to help you learn how to play. How about learning how to code? Just hop on Google again and search for coding games – you can build your own website in no time.

Or maybe you’re just looking to connect with your grandkids. Talk to them and find out what kind of tech they’re most interested in. You can invest in that specific topic or item to learn about it.


Learning Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

As you can see, there are several low-cost options available for you to begin your journey to being technologically savvy. Keeping up with technology can be hard in this fast-changing world, but by staying connected and becoming a hands-on learner, you can be using the latest technology in no time too.

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