In this digital era, spending some offline time with your family is more valuable than ever.

The newer generations are absorbed by devices and technology, and you might find it harder to bond with them.

A camping trip with your children and their kids is the old-fashioned way to make sure all of you will enjoy the fun family time.


Where Can We Camp?

There are two options you have, and you need to prepare differently for each.

You can lay a tent in the back yard, while having access to all your other house facilities, or go on a real camping adventure somewhere nearby.

Check if there are any campsites around or, if you’re looking for the “off the grid” experience, you can go camping in the mountains.


1. Camping in the Back Yard

Back yard camping is an extraordinary adventure for large families who would otherwise find it hard to leave their home without packing everything inside.

It is convenient, as you have all the resources you need at hand.

Moreover, if it starts raining or the wind blows too hard, you can always go inside. Having their home nearby is an extra safety point for your grandchildren, as well, especially if they’re toddlers.


2. Going on a real camping adventure

The first thing you need to consider is where you will shelter. Most often, you can choose between a tent and a cabin. Then, you will have to adapt the entire plan accordingly.

If you choose to stay in a tent, you’ll have to bring tent mattresses that will keep you warm in the night, as well as sleeping bags.

Also, make sure the tents you’re using are waterproof so that you’ll be safe in case it rains.

If you go for a cabin, you’ll have more comfort and a safer shelter above your head. As most cottages are made of wood, they offer better protection against capricious weather conditions and wild animals.

Secondly, find the best camp spot.

It will be hard to please everybody, so try to narrow the options to a maximum of three and ask them to vote where they want to go. When you pick the destination, take into account how you’re going to provide food and water.

In the third place, think of the activities you can make while camping.

As you plan them, consider how you can take advantage best of your surroundings. For instance, if there’s a river near your camp spot, you can take some of the kids fishing in one of the days. Or, if there are berries in the forest, you could all go collect some.

Try to cover the schedule as much as possible, because otherwise, the kids will get bored. Each will want to do something else, and it will be hard to choose between what each one wants.

Last, but not least, make the appropriate preparations.

This means you should plan your meals before leaving home, and make sure you have everything you need. If you find it useful, bring a cooking set with you. After all, the purpose is to have fun, not to struggle to find food.

Whenever you leave home – especially if you go in the forest – having the following items with you will prove extremely useful and even life-saving:

  • A First-Aid Kit – even if we all like to think positively, accidents can happen anytime, especially when you’ve got a handful of kids around. The kit should contain at least the basics: antiseptic wipes, adhesive bandages, medical adhesive tape and gauze pads and splinter tweezers. If you have enough space, you can bring on more items.
  • A flashlight – the fun might not stop as soon as the sun sets and a flashlight can come in handy if you don’t manage to start the fire until then.
  • Extra batteries – they don’t take much space, and it’s better to have them and not need them than the other way around.
  • A Swiss knife – it will have you covered, no matter if you want to cut some rope or to gut a fish.
  • A water purifier – although it’s recommended to bring your own water, what happens if you run out of it or if the children hit the water bottles and waste it?


Are You Ready for Adventure?

Now that you know how to plan a camping trip, all you have to do is convince your family to play along for a weekend.

If your grandchildren are young or if you have a large family, it might be better to camp in the back yard or go to a cabin, because you’ll need a certain degree of comfort.

Take your entire family on a camping trip and make sure it will be one of the most precious memories you create together.


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