Age truly is just a number, and that number should not control your life. You are free to explore, have fun, and reinvent yourself at any age. Plus, the average life expectancy today is so much higher than it was years ago. Turning 50 is like turning 30 all over again. And in terms of hair, short is in right now for older and younger women. Many people have taken to short pixie cuts or bobs these days, regardless of age. Now is the time to take that jump and try something new.

Why Mature Women Like Short Hair

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One of the biggest plus sides to trying out one of these short hairstyles for older women is time. Whether it's in the shower or in front of the mirror, a short hairstyle will save you tons of time in the morning. Depending on which of the short hairstyles for older women you choose to get for yourself, you will have a different amount of flexibility with your styling. The shorter the hair, the less room you will have to play while styling, but the more time you will save in the morning. This is why it will be important to consider which hairstyle fits your lifestyle, your personality, and your motivation.

What is also great about chopping a lot of your hair off is the level of control you have. With long hair, you always have to worry about humidity, rain, wind, whether your hair will cooperate that day, and a million other tiny variables. Of course, these details may still affect your hair, but now they will be so minuscule, you may not even notice. With short hair, there is less to be disrupted by mother nature and has fewer chances to be affected by unruly hair that refuses to be controlled. You will have better hair days more often and feel great about it every time.

To top all of this off, short hairstyles for older women also lighten up your load. You will feel lighter, freer, and be able to sleep better without all that hair getting in the way. Your neck will be free and the shorter cut will probably keep you cooler in the summer. It is likely that many of these hairstyles will even make you look younger than you already feel.

Amazing Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Below are a few options of short hairstyles for older women. All of these hairstyles can easily be obtained from your local hair salon. Consider the pros and cons to each look and decide which is the best for you.


The bob is one of the classic short hairstyles for older women. There are many different iterations of the bob, but in its basic form this is a hairstyle where it is shortest in the back and gradually gets a little longer in the front. You can choose to be as drastic or as subtle as you want. You can even keep it straight all the way across if you’d like.

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The nice thing about this hairstyle is that it allows you to still have a bit to play with in terms of style. It works with thick and wavy hair, but also with thin and straight hair. You can still curl, flat iron, or tease a bob, or choose to let it be natural.


  • Short and fun
  • Works for any hair type (thick, thin, curly, straight, etc.)
  • Able to be styled in many ways


  • Typically a little longer than other, other hairstyles; will require a bit more work than other short hairstyles 
  • Does not frame the face very well
  • Requires some maintenance in order to keep the desired length

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is the image most people see when they think about short hairstyles for older women. This style often varies in length depending on the person but is the shortest of the short hairstyles. Depending on the cut and on how you want to present yourself, you can get more of an elegant pixie, a stylish rock-and-roll pixie, or a standard pixie.

What’s great about this cut is the maintenance. Besides washing it, there is not really anything else you have to do. If you keep it a bit longer, you may have the option to tease it a little for some volume. Generally speaking, you can save hours of time in your day-to-day life with your pixie cut.


  • Super short and fun
  • Easy to maintain
  • Frames your face and shows off your features


  • Will likely be unable to style it
  • Can take some time to grow out if you do not like it

Lobs (Medium-Short)

If you are not quite ready to take the big leap into a really short hairstyle, you may want to consider a lob. Lobs are long bob haircuts that typically fall somewhere between the bottom of your chin and your shoulders. This is a good way to experiment without fully committing to something very short.
One of the great things about a lob is that you still have all the styling options that you had with long hair.

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Curling, flat ironing, even braiding can still be done to give your cut some added sass. But then you also get the easier maintenance with a lob that you would get with one of the other short hairstyles for older women. It really is the best of both worlds and can give you a real boost in confidence.


  • Medium-short but still fun
  • Able to style it the same way you could with long hair, but also gain the benefits of short hair
  • Can lighten up your hair


  • Is much longer than other hairstyles and may require more maintenance
  • May not frame the face very well

Side Swept Bangs

side swept bangs

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If you are looking for something that is kind of like the pixie cut but not quite as drastic, you may want to consider the side swept bangs. This is a youthful cut that keeps you looking professional and fun all at once. It has a similar style to the pixie cut but is kept slightly longer in both the front and back. There are then bangs that sweep from one side of your head across the forehead to the opposite side of your face.

One of the great things here are the bangs. Bangs are often known to add a bit of extra youth to your appearance and really liven up your hair. They can also act as a coverup for any receding hairlines and adds another boost of volume to your hair. If you let the bangs sweep down past your eyes, it can also draw attention to your eyes. While you may not be able to curl your hair as easily with this look, you will still be able to stun a room with your beauty with these side swept bangs.


  • Super short and fun
  • Bangs add youth, bring focus to eyes, and boost volume
  • Easy to style


  • Bangs can become a pain to maintain as they grow quite quickly
  • Will be hard to curl, flat iron, or do lots of other styles with this look 


There are many different short hairstyles for older women including the bob, the pixie cut, the lob, and the side-swept bangs. Each style has its own benefits and downfall, but all of them are guaranteed to liven up your image and make you look as young as you feel inside.

What you should take away here is that you are not too old to try out a new look. There are so many short hairstyles for older women, and you should not be afraid to go for something out of your comfort zone. Rock that pixie cut. Add some bangs to your look. Try out the bob. Maybe you combine multiple elements and create your own image entirely. Who knew! Show the world your inner youth with whatever style suits you best. Most importantly, feel good about who you are both inside and out because you deserve to.

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