When your family started talking Christmas this year, were you left wondering what they were referencing?

Were you troubled by not knowing what all of the new and exciting technology presents were now?

Don’t worry, because you are not alone in this troubling moment.

Technology evolves rapidly these days.

Unlike the past, when a new TV was new for a few years, there are now new technology advances coming out every year. There are even yearly events that reporters and consumers alike look forward to where new products are unveiled. These yearly events push advances rapidly changing technology, and it can be hard to keep up.

Read through this article, and you will find answers to your questions about several pieces of technology that are commonly found on Christmas lists for people of all ages.


What is an iPad/Tablet?

A tablet is a general name for a small computer that is even more portable than a laptop. Tablets are generally lightweight and smaller than most laptops, becoming the choice of many schools and businesses. This piece of technology typically has similar operating power and space when compared to a laptop, but you do sacrifice some aspects of larger computers or laptops.

An iPad is a type of tablet. Other types of tablets include Microsoft’s Surface or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The best tablet can make a person wonder why they even have a laptop, and that’s what makes this a great gift. You’re going to be making someone’s life a whole lot easier with the gift of a tablet, so why not choose one of the best?


What is a Smart Phone?

A cell phone used to only be able to make calls, and sometimes only from certain areas of your home. That all changed when Apple created the iPhone. The first smartphone, the iPhone was groundbreaking because it had various other capabilities that made it seem closer to a computer, and since then it has only gotten smarter.

A smartphone is a cell phone that can do many things that a computer can do, including use the internet, edit photos, and using downloaded apps.

This is another of those pieces of tech that get a revamp every year. Apple announces a new design or new features every year at annual conferences, but they aren’t the only company doing so. Other popular smartphone makers include Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and even Google. You can choose between Apple or Android operating systems based on your personal preferences and which phones you like best.


What is an Apple Watch?

Apple announced Apple Watches at one of their tech conferences in 2015. This piece of technology was initially a simple watch that could track fitness data.

Since its introduction just two years ago, Apple Watch has rapidly adapted to the needs of its users. Now, Apple Watch links to your iPhone and can tell you when you get an email, a text, a phone call, and you can check a variety of apps linked to your phone. You can even use Apple’s Siri to set reminders or appointments without even opening your iPhone. Need to check the weather? This watch can help you do that too.

There isn’t much the watch can’t do, compared to a smartphone, and that is part of what makes it so popular.


What is Virtual Reality?

This advance in technology is just starting to pop up in homes around the country.

Virtual reality consists of computer-generated simulations of an image or environment generated in 3D. When participating in virtual reality, you will likely wear a helmet, goggles, gloves, or any combination of those items.

Virtual reality has many applications, including education and gaming. You can see parts of the world you would have never believed possible through virtual reality, or you can play a mystery game that is so immersive many people actually scream.

Some options for virtual reality gear include Google Cardboard, which is a low cost option that is many users’ first experience with this new technology. The Oculus Rift is another common tech piece for many first timers. These goggles cover your eyes entirely, making it possible to experience anything, at any time.


Discover New Technology, One at a Time

It can feel like new technologies are popping up every day.

Many of us feel pressured to stay up to date on those new advances, but chances are, you don’t need to always be on top of the news.

Take your time learning new technology so you can really enjoy the perks of these exciting pieces. The best way to learn about technology is to jump in and start using it hands-on.

Don’t be afraid of the technology being created – instead, find excitement in the new.

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